Gender & Science AIL

Live session

The female presence in Limnology has become more noticeable nowadays. However, the female presence decreases at higher stages of their career, as in other scientific fields. Conferences provide researchers the opportunity to disseminate their project results and build networks. However, these chances are rarely distributed equally between women and men.

This session will analyze and debate the involvement and visibility of women in scientific conferences. We will show the first results of a study carried out during the first meeting of the Iberian Ecological Society (SIBECOL) in 2019, which analyzed demographics, the questing-asking behavior, and the attendants’ perception from a gender perspective. Besides, based on results we will elaborate guidelines to reduce gender barriers during meetings, and in particular in AIL congresses.

In this session, four introductory videos will be presented available online, to later address the following aspects in live session:

  1. To analyze Science from a feminist and anti-colonial perspectives that takes into account not only gender as an aspect typical of people but also as a encoded in cultural and knowledge systems, thanks to the presentation by the researcher Irene Iniesta-Arandia (see presentation“ Irene Iniesta-Arandia ”).
  1. To know current activities carried out by the AIL Gender and Science group (see presentation “Projects and Activities Gender & Science AIL”).
  1. To delve into the exhibitionWomen in Limnology”, knowing its journey during the last two years (see presentation “Women in Limnology Exhibition”)
  1. Analyze and debate on the participation and visibility of women during scientific conferences. The results obtained in the study carried out during the first congress of the Iberian Society of Ecology (SIBECOL) in 2019 will be presented, in which the gender statistics of the attendees are analyzed, as well as their participation and perception of gender barriers ( see presentation “Towards gender inclusive conferences: Insights from the first SIBECOL meeting”). In addition, recommendations and proposals to reduce gender barriers will be noted during scientific congresses and in particular for events organized by the AIL.

Gender & Science AIL group encourage all AIL2020 attendees to participate, sharing their experience and opinions with us using the hashtag #GenderScienceAIL2020 It is the responsibility of all of us to promote our association, promoting inclusive meetings where all have equal opportunities.

This session is organized by the Gender and Science group of AIL. This group was launched in 2014 with the aim of acting as an external observer of gender biases within the AIL, fostering women’s visibility within the scientific community and proposing recommendations for improving gender equality in institutions related with limnology. The group is constituted by AIL members and external collaborators that on a temporary or permanent basis to some of our projects. Since 2014, the group has conducted different projects, such as a study assessing the situation of women in Limnology “Women in Limnology in the Iberian Peninsula: Biases, Barriers and Recommendations” and the exhibition“Women in Limnology”, inaugurated in Coimbra in 2018.