Real world problems rarely regard disciplinary boundaries. To promote interdisciplinarity, this award will be allocated to the best talk illustrating research that reflects the integrated nature of ecological issues and thus that combine disciplines and/or methods in order to provide responses to a key scientific question.


The criteria to evaluate will be: 

  • Abstract (book of abstracts): accurate synopsis; objectives, results, and conclusions clearly stated; methods sufficiently described; title summarizes the content.
  • Style: Clearly legible. Illustrations legible and well-spaced. Good continuity, clear and logical. Not too much text. Figures clearly illustrate the ideas and results.
  • Content: Clearly stated objectives and conclusions, data adequate, analysis and summaries appropriate; illustrations appropriate, understandable, informative.
  • Content: The talk should reveal that the research integrates several disciplines within the limnology. For example, the combination of different techniques or approaches to demonstrate a hypothesis will be a key point in the evaluation. Also, studies considering interactions or comparisons between freshwater and terrestrial or marine systems will also evaluated positively.
  • Originality: New technique, instrument or idea; new contribution to scientific knowledge, good contribution of the student to the idea and work.
  • Communication: Clear communication, time limits.

Who can apply:

Early Career researchers: Be a master, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers with less 6 years of post-doctoral experience (since the PhD defense).

The prize is 200 euros