Young AIL


A live Workshop will be organized on 23st October at 6pm Madrid / 5pm Lisbon time by J-AIL members.

In the workshop "the obscure part of science" we will discuss difficulties that young researchers encounter along their scientific career and strategies to overcome setbacks and unsuccessfulness. The workshop will be a sharing platform, where everyone will be able to intervene, and which ultimate goal is motivating young researchers in their research career.

Free inscription

Winning project in the 3rd call for the Collaborative Research Projects for young AIL-members

Presentation of URBIFUN project: Urbanization effects on the relationship between microbial biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Míriam Colls and Ferran Romero. Institut Català de Recerca de l’Aigua (ICRA).

Project summary:

More than a half of the global current population lives in urban areas, and this figure is expected to increase in the near future, representing an increasing pressure for water bodies, such as urban rivers and streams. In URBIFUN, we expect to address the knowledge gap that exists regarding the impact of cities on fluvial ecosystems, particularly in relation to microbial diversity and ecosystem functioning. We will combine in-situ metabolic measurements and a metabarcoding approach to assess the relationship between microbial diversity and ecosystem functioning across an urbanization gradient. We expect to find shifts in microbial community composition with increasing urban pressure, leading to the identification of potential indicator taxa and community thresholds. We also expect that all these community changes will be reflected at the functional level. Simultaneously, we expect that those shifts will be reflected in changes at the ecosystem functioning level, leading to decreased production:respiration ratio as urbanization gradient increased.

Young AIL Meeting

The young AIL meeting will be celebrated on Tuesday, October 28th at 19.15h.

Best Poster and Oral Communication Awards
for AIL students

Oral and poster communications from AIL students may compete for the following awards:

Best Oral Communication (Transmitting Science Award)

The winner will obtain a free course inscription ( and a prize of 125 euros sponsored by the Iberian Association of Ecology (SIBECOL)

Best Poster Communication (Quercus Award)

The winner will obtain a free one year journal subscription ( and a prize of 125 euros sponsored by the Iberian Association of Ecology (SIBECOL)

The second and third place for both modalities will be recognized with a distinctive diploma.

Students who wish to compete for these awards must expressly indicate it when they submit their communications.